Students take part in mock trial

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MARIETTA, Oh.-(WTAP) Washington County high school students got an idea Friday of what it's like to be involved in a courtroom trial.

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Students from area high schools took part in a regional "mock trial" competition.

The students portray attorneys and witnesses in a trial involving a hypothetical situation.

Members of the local bar association and the prosecutor's office served as judges in the trial.

"Some of them may come in with preconceived notions of how a courtroom works," Juvenile and Probate Court Magistrate Randall Jedlink said of the students. "But they come in and they realize there are some strict rules, and they have to be followed. And it's not nearly as dramatic as what you see on TV."

The trial situation in this case involved a high school student suspended for taking part in an off-campus rally, after the school principal advised students not to do so.

Mock trials were held in both the common pleas and municipal courts.