Part one of Suicide Prevention: One Woman's Story

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - The last five months have been rough for Cathy McGee.

"It's been hell," she said.

Her twin sister, Becky Frederick, took her life after battling depression much of her life. After a car wreck nearly 17 years ago, that depression escalated to an addiction to painkillers.

"I loved her no matter what, having a mental illness, having a drug addiction, it didn’t matter. I still love her," she said.

Just before her death, Becky was suspended from her nursing job. She was accused of stealing pills. Cathy thinks that was a breaking point for her sister.

"The embarrassment of people finding out that she was addicted to narcotics, the fear of not knowing if she was going to go to jail, the fear of all of it was just too much for her to handle," she said.

Her battles weren't always obvious. She loved her family. Becky's son, Zach Hall, knew that. He was close to his mom.

"She meant everything to me," he said.

When Zach met his now-fiance, he said he knew his mom would love her. He couldn't wait for them to meet.

"When me and my fiancé met, I told her, I was like, you have to meet my mom. She’s going to be easy to win over, for sure, cause mom likes everybody. She was always the goofball. It didn’t matter who she met or how long she’d known somebody, you were getting a hug by the time you left her house," he said.

Zach was right. His mom loved her. Becky was Zach's biggest supporter. But now, he wants to be her's. Zach and his Aunt Cathy hope they can turn their heartbreak, and Becky's story of struggles, into inspiration for others to get help.

"We’ll fight this battle and I’ll use, sadly, what happened to my twin sister. If we can save one more nurse, I won't let her death be in vain," she said.

Becky's husband, Chuck, also hopes sharing his wife's story will help others who are dealing with mental illness and addiction.

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