Sunscreen dispensers installed for public safety from heat

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BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV) - With temperatures rising this weekend, several people will take a dip in the pool or might be outside for an event, but being out in the sun for a long period of time could be dangerous for your health. The city of Bridgeport is making it more convenient for people to use sunscreen.

Recreation coordinator of Bridgeport Parks and recreation, Katie Squires, says that there are two sunscreen dispensers located at a couple of busy areas in town.

"With the pool and the rec complex those are probably our biggest and highest traffic locations," said Squires. "Days like today or this coming weekend, we do want to make sure people are prepared."

The sunscreen dispensers are hands-free, contains SPF 30 sunscreen and are free for the public to use at any time.

"It's very similar almost to a soap dispenser in a bathroom where you put your hands under and the sunscreen will dispense right there," said Squires.

Along with Squires, lifeguard, Cheri Signorelli says that the dispensers are a good idea for when kids are on their own and that it teaches them the responsibility of always applying it when they are out in the sun.

"There have been a few kids that come up by themselves which is nice because they are learning that responsibility of putting on the sunscreen about every hour every couple hours," said Squires. "Just remembering that they need to stay out of the sun if they can but when they're in the sun they need to stay safe."

Squires says that sunscreen will come off especially in water and recommends that people should remember to reapply if they are in the sun for a long time