Take your time while driving in busy holiday traffic

Published: Dec. 4, 2019 at 6:03 PM EST
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With the holidays comes the vehicles going to and from stores and other businesses.

Grand Central Avenue-especially going by the mall and other stores-is one of the busiest streets in West Virginia.

Vienna Police Chief Mike Pifer says, to successfully navigate the traffic, drivers need to slow down and leave enough time to get to their destinations.

And they have to keep their eyes open for more than vehicular traffic.

"Especially around morning and early evening time it becomes very busy on Grand Central Avenue," Chief Pifer says. "You have to watch out-and we have a big influx of pedestrians, even when it's cold out; people riding bikes and walking still occur frequently in Vienna,"

Chief Pifer suggests pulling out on the avenue from an intersecting street or lot where there's a signal to control traffic.

He adds while the businesses in recent years have changed on Grand Central Avenue, the traffic flow has not.