Teen Driver Safety Week activities held at Marietta High School

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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - It is Teen Driver Safety Week, and Marietta High School had some hands-on activities for students to participate in to become aware of being a safer driver.

The Ohio Department of Transportation held the event with the help of the Marietta post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol. Students were given information about safe driving. They also got to experience what it was like to walk a straight line while impaired.

The students wore visually-impairing goggles, and noticed a big difference in how they were able to keep balance.

The message that the Patrol wants to send, is that being a responsible driver will not just save one person, but possibly others.

"It only takes a mini second to make a decision that is going to impact your life," said Trooper Lea Mikes. "If you're a passenger, and the driver is driving in a reckless manner, you need to speak up because it's not just your life you're going to save, it's somebody else's life you are going to save."

The biggest issue the Mid-Ohio Valley faces is distracted driving.

Studies show that 15 percent of all car accidents are caused by teenage drivers.