Barlow Volunteer Fire Department gets new grain-bin rescue tool

VINCENT, Ohio (WTAP) - The Barlow Volunteer Fire Department has a new grain-bin rescue tool thanks to a grant from Nationwide Insurance.

The department was one of 34 selected from more than 750 applicants and the only one in Ohio.

"Agriculture is one of the most dangerous career alleyways," said Allen Clark, president of the Washington County Farm Bureau.

Sometimes farmers get trapped in grain bins, and once the grain is at knee level, they are stuck.

"This summer in Ohio there have been lives lost in grain bins, so it's a tragic thing," Clark said.

"We can't physically lift them out so what we have to do is isolate them so we won a grant that is for the tube that actually will slide down over the top of them in pieces and it isolates them so that we can excavate that corn from around them and make it so that we can actually take them out safely," said Misty Wunder, advanced EMT/120 firefighter of the Barlow Volunteer Fire Department.

Officials say this will not only benefit the residents of Barlow but also other departments in the county and the surrounding areas, including Salem Township, Stone Creek, Warren Township, Wesley Township, Dunham Township and the farm bureau.

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