The Citizens National Bank and the Mather Building Being Demolished

PARKERSBURG W.Va (WTAP)- There was major construction taking place in downtown Parkersburg throughout the day Saturday.

The Citizens National Bank and the Mather Building began being demolished on Saturday morning.

There were requests to stop the building tear down in the spring, but the Parkersburg Board of Zoning Appeals denied the request, stating that it would be too costly to renovate the buildings. Parkersburg's Business District Design and Facade Committee voted in April to allow the demolition.

A man who asked not to be identified expressed his disappointment with the decision.

“They’re wanting people to come into this town, you know, tourists. And what are they going to look at besides blacktop parking lots. They don’t have no history here, none. And I think they’re doing it more harm than good.”

At one point during the demolition, one of the construction vehicles tipped over and knocked a power line over. One person was grazed by the pole, but no one was injured.

Parkersburg Police Chief Joe Martin reports that road closures because of the construction include from 4th street from Juliana to Market and the 400 block of Market Street.

Roads reopened just before 5:30pm on Saturday.

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