The Fenton Art Glass Factory comes to a closing

Published: May. 20, 2017 at 4:33 PM EDT
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The design phase for a brand new elementary school in Williamstown is in the making.

It will be built on the same lot that the Fenton Art Glass Factory has been standing in since 1906.

The Fenton Factory is in the process of auctioning as much glassware equipment and material as they can.

The president of the Fenton Factory says that the items that don’t sale will go to scraps.

“Today they’re doing the glass making equipment, presses and tools of a variety of kinds. Then we’re getting ready to have the building in preparation for demolition. It’s good that they’re here, but it’s also a sad time because it’s an end to an era as well.”

Fenton says even though the glass company is closing, the gift shop will be moving to a new space that will be taking orders for special items.