The National Institutes for Historically Underserved Students returns to Parkersburg

PARKERSBURG, W. Va. (WTAP) - WVU Parkersburg is collaborating with the National Institutes of Historically Underserved Students.

The organization is hosting its conference for its 3rd year.

The institutes were founded as a partnership for minority students who are underserved across the country.

Organizers were thrilled to have Tony award winner Lillias White perform and educate the youth.

White emphasized the importance of all youth getting equal opportunity and talked about the importance of getting good grades to further your education.

"I like to encourage people to pursue their dreams and their hopes and to work on themselves; no matter whether you're going to be a performing artist or not. I like to encourage people to be honest and true to who they are and to be the best at whatever they do," said White.

Chris Gilmar is the director of WVU at Parkersburg and has been apart of the National Institutes for Historically Underserved Students since the organization began.

"Our belief is that every student deserves an education, it is a right; it's not a privilege. All they have to do is be willing to work hard to receive it and it's our job to make sure that they have a chance," said Gilmar.

Organizers hope to host the conference and think tank in Parkersburg again next year.

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