Salvation Army in Marietta continues to help those in need

Published: May. 28, 2020 at 6:57 PM EDT
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While the COVID-19 pandemic has swept across the nation, the Salvation Army in Marietta has continued to strive to help those in need.

On Thursday, the organization delivered snacks and other foods to workers and residents at the Heartland Nursing Home, one that has been particularly hit hard with coronavirus cases.

They are continuing to have people bring in food and other items to help the community, and officials at the Salvation Army are grateful.

"In the beginning, food donations were pouring in,' said Lt. Megan Moretz, Corps Officer with the Salvation Army in Marietta. "The Marietta Community Foundation was helpful in facilitating some extra donations of food from local grocery stores as well. And since then, people are bringing whatever they can to help our community get through this. So, community response has been really encouraging."

They are also starting "Summer Camp in a Box," which is a "camp" that children can participate in when they receive a box of crafts and other materials for entertainment since many summer camps have been canceled due to the pandemic.