St. Marys marching band plays loud despite their size

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ST. MARYS, W.Va. (WTAP) - The St. Marys High School marching band has only 22 members, but they produce a sound all their own.

Under the direction of Patrick Norton, the band has a good mix of age, and even with their small size, senior drum major Taylor Jo Smith makes sure that they are working on proper technique in order to produce a fuller sound.

"Our accents and our crescendos, decrescendos, just to make sure if we have a powerful point, we got to be big and loud." said Smith.

They are proud of this year's halftime show, which they call, "Pentatonix." It features some of their well-known covers like "A-ha," and "Cheerleader." Senior Bethany Hupp has performed many shows, but this year's is her favorite.

"We had some pretty good shows in the past," said hupp. "But, I definitey feel like this year is the best one. It's exciting. The public knows it and that will definitely help."

While they are smaller than other bands in the area, the members are not fazed. They use it as an opportunity to bond.

"The band has definitely gotten smaller," Hupp said. "But, I feel like we've grown closer and we've definitely achieved a lot more."

The band performs at every St. Marys home game, and always has the crowd singing along.