The Wilds welcomes a new baby rhino

Published: Aug. 27, 2019 at 5:24 PM EDT
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One big baby was born in Ohio last weekend as The Wilds welcomed a baby greater one-horned rhinoceros calf into the world. Calves usually weigh around one hundred pounds at birth.

An experienced mother named Sanya gave birth to the newborn female. The Wilds staff are working on a name for her.

Greater one-horned rhinos are considered a vulnerable species, but that’s only thanks to conservation efforts. Like other rhino species are currently, they used to be in bigger trouble. Vice president of the wilds, Doctor Jan Ramer says educating yourself about rhinos and their condition is one way to help them.

“So understanding the status of those animals can really help people make good lifestyle decisions, so people can do things to sort of help save the planet and that will also help save rhinoceroses in small ways, and even small gestures can help,” said Ramer.