The tough journey of Jillian Harlow

Published: Jan. 13, 2020 at 4:29 PM EST
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Jillian Harlow is a two and a half year old girl who lives in Fleming, Ohio.

Jillian's favorite activities include watching Disney movies like Moana and Frozen, playing in her little kitchen, and messing around with her big brother.

Jillian was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) prenatally. This means that the left side of her heart is underdeveloped, and does not function properly.

Due to this condition, her left lung has also decayed, and is not able to bring the proper amount of oxygen in to the body.

There are three heart surgeries HLHS patients can have in order to treat this condition. Jillian has gone through the first two surgeries at the Children's Hospital in Columbus. Because of Jillian's lung issues, however, she is not a candidate for the final surgery.

In order to treat HLHS, patients need to have a heart transplant surgery when they are older in order to survive. Unfortunately due to those same lung issues, Jillian is not a transplant candidate either.

Jillian's family lives one day at a time. Jillian is now living on Hospice care, and has nurses come to their home and check on her.

Jillian lives life at home as normal as she can be. Jillian's family admittedly is having a tough time getting through her condition, but they say one thing keeps them going.

"It helps that she smiles," said Deanna Harlow, Jillian's mother. "Her smiles get us through every day. If she showed how much she suffers on a daily basis with her facial expressions, it would be so much harder on us. But, this is how Jillian is on a daily basis. She fights through it and she always smiles."

Jillian's family will remain by her side in the good times and in the bad, and her family does not want this condition to be in every part of her life.

"We live day to day," said Deanna Harlow. "And let her live the life that she can."

Jillian has taken a wish trip to Disney, and met her favorite characters, She is currently in a contest called, "Rock your Scar", and currently has over 8,000 online votes.

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