This is Home - Historic Marietta church to reopen this weekend

MARIETTA, OH (WTAP)- A historic church with an uncertain past that’s been quiet for over a decade will once again be full of life.

“I’ve heard several stories. One story has this building sitting at the corner of Washington and Fifth Street…sitting there as the original structure and it was auctioned off the property and moved here to this location. Another story has it replacing a building that was moved here, a refurbished fire house from Wooster Street. So I don’t know where it begins and ends, what’s reality and what’s not, but the truth is it’s a very old building. It housed the first colored congregation in Marietta and the Marietta Wesleyan Church met here from some time wither right before the Civil War or shortly after the Civil War, up until about 11 years ago,” says Tom Fagan, the new owner of the newly named Church of Christ at Second Street.

He and his wife Kate Fagan have worked on renovating the building since purchasing it at the beginning of the year, including roofing repairs, electrical modifications, and cosmetic work.

The couple wants to continue the tradition of inclusion and unity that the church pioneered so many years ago.

“We really want to be undenominational. We don’t care what your background is. Christianity has divisions, it’s had divisions since the first century, but I look at the Bible and say that is our common factor. If we focus on this, and this alone, we can have unity…As long as you’re willing to look at the scriptures, and we’re willing to yield ourselves to that word, we can be united,” says Fagan.

He continues to say that he doesn’t take lightly the new responsibility of transforming a storied church into a place for others to grow their faith.

“To take something that you knew if it sat very long, it would disappear from the community, and to turn it into something that has meaning for someone else, and to think that this could be home for future generations of people who just want to live a better life, and people who want to make heaven their home, It’s been a wonderful experience.”