This is Home - Peoples Bank holiday window display

MARIETTA OH, (WTAP)- One local business is adding a small pinch of holiday magic to the streets of Marietta with their interactive window display.

“So this year’s theme is “Santa’s Reindeer Barn”. It’s the second year that we’ve had this theme and this year we’ve added some interactive buttons so as you’re coming by to look at the windows, you can press the buttons and make the reindeer move and other things so it’s pretty cool,” says Shawn Taylor, the Vice President of commercial banking with Peoples Bank.

In collaboration with Crown Florals, The Peoples Bank creates elaborate and inviting window and lobby tree displays to share with the community each year. A handful of bank employees have a rare view of the exhibit.

“One of the windows is in my office so I get to experience them from the inside, which isn’t as glamorous as the outside, but it’s always great to hear the people going by and talking and enjoying the show…it’s nice to hear the kids walking by and laughing as they see the display,” he goes on to say.

And you still have plenty of time to see the display in motion Monday through Friday.

“Generally, we put the windows up right before Thanksgiving and they will stay up and be available for viewing until right after the new year,” he adds.

Peoples Bank simply sees these crowd favorite holiday scenes as a small way to give back.

“We’ve been doing this since 2003. We feel like the windows is just one of our gifts back to the community. It allows people the opportunity to come downtown and enjoy all that downtown Marietta has to offer and we enjoy being a small part of that and enjoy being part of the holiday tradition,” concludes Taylor.

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