This is Home: Long-lost siblings reunited

Published: Mar. 15, 2019 at 2:23 PM EDT
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A reunion more than 60 years in the making as a woman meets her long-lost siblings for the very first time.

“I was adopted at two days old and so consequently I had been on the look for my biological family off and on for all these years,” says Carol Tippett, a Portland Oregon resident who had been searching for her family.

“I did know most of my life that I had a sister, but we just didn’t know who she was or who had adopted her or anything and our mother did try searching for her,” says Dorothy Lowe, a resident of Marietta, who spent her life looking for her sister.

“I was told that it was a situation where the family wasn’t financially able to care for a third child,” explains Tippett.

The meeting happened through a chance match on a popular DNA mapping test.

“I had actually put in my DNA in and I had gotten a message that there was a possibility of a first cousin…so I called her right away and I said “honey I think we’re possibly first cousins!’ and she said ‘actually, I think my grandmother was your mom’,” notes Tippett.

“My niece called me and said ‘I think I found your sister’ and I went ‘…what?’ I was so excited because I had known about her all of her life, and loved her all of her life, even though she didn’t know,” Lowe says.

Both sisters said that finding one another brought a sense of peace.

“I always knew that I was adopted and the thing that struck me was just knowing that they had looked for me. Because I had always wondered and for me it was closure,” mentions Tippett.

“And for me I needed to know that she forgave my mom. I needed to know that,” Lowe said.

“From the very beginning I had always felt that she had made a very difficult choice. She gave me up out of love, I felt, and so consequently I never blamed her,” emphasizes Tippet.

And the day of their family reunion, coincidentally on their parent’s wedding anniversary, is only the beginning for this reunited family.

“We’re just happy for the now. We’re happy for God’s blessings, God’s Grace, God giving my mother forgiveness and that Carol has forgiven as well,” says Lowe.