This is Home: North Place Maternity House

Published: Nov. 26, 2019 at 10:42 AM EST
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“I’ve never had as loving feeling as I’ve has right now from these people,” says Allison Brum.

Imagine yourself in your most vulnerable situation. Now imagine a group specifically dedicated to easing that insecurity. For more than four dozen local women, the North Place Maternity House is just that place.

“North Place is a three bed resident home and we take in pregnant girls. We introduce them to life skills. Teach them to cook, clean, homemaking skills. Whatever their needs are when they come in, we try and connect them to connect them to other resources outside our home to help them get a head start,” explains Sonya Smith, a house parent at the maternity house.

In exchange for their free stay, the girls are expected to contribute to household chores while gaining the skills to help them be successful. For Allison Brum, a resident at North Place, the key to that journey was faith.

“I always knew about God in my life, but my addiction definitely took me a different route. That was my main struggle, connecting to God. I didn’t know how to. They sat down with me at bible study, they helped me figure out that I was missing faith. That’s the huge connection that you need to be able to live for God and live in this world.”

Allison’s new daughter Haven is the 21 baby born in the home’s 5 year existence.

“’My vision for the future is honestly just to be the best mom that I can to her and to my other son who is six. They definitely get down to the core here, and it’s by love. This place is just there for any girl that needs somebody. This is a home,” she says.

The North Place Maternity House is celebrating its fifth anniversary on November 29th.

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