Thrasher introduces drug plan

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VIENNA, W.Va.-(WTAP) A Republican candidate for governor in the 2020 West Virginia election has a plan to combat substance abuse-one he says is more comprehensive than one proposed by the state's current leader.

Republican candidate for Governor Woody Thrasher stopped to visit Mountaineer Recovery Center Oct. 23 as part of a visit to the Eastern Panhandle. (Courtesy: Thrasher's campaign)

Woody Thrasher recently unveiled a plan he says addresses more than post-recovery jobs for addicts.

He says it also includes follow-up counseling and services for children affected by the opioid crisis.

And Thrasher says it extends housing options for those in treatment.

"For those who desire treatment, we need to create more housing situations where they can receive that treatment, and that may go beyond 90 days," Thrasher said Tuesday at the Wood County Republican Executive Committee's annual dinner. "For those addicts who decide not to pursue treatment, we have to aggressively deal with those folks and how they impact our society."

Parkersburg and Wood County officials recently have been concerned with homelessness they believe is the result of patients who were not able to complete treatment.

Many are from other cities, they say, and had no place to go after prematurely leaving treatment centers.