Mid-Ohio Valley employers struggling to find qualified workers

Published: Jan. 23, 2019 at 6:11 PM EST
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For local companies trying to find the best people to hire for jobs they're offering, the current job market is the most difficult since the late 1990's.

"It's tough to get out there right now and find these good employees who are motivated who are looking for something long term and will stick with your company," says Clare Norman, Staffing Specialist for Mancan in Parkersburg.

Mancan and similar companies were once thought of for filling temporary jobs. But increasingly, Norman says they're a "temporary to permanent" transition.

While the area's jobless rate is higher than the state or national average, she says local firms have seen the same problems hiring people as they do right now across the country.

One problem employers have experienced: people scheduled for job interviews, who don't show up for them.

"We make sure we call them, either the day of their interview or the night before, to remind them they have the interview," Norman says, "to just make sure it's something they're still interested in, or they're going."

A recurring problem-one evident even before the recent employment surge-companies failing to find job applicants who could not pass a drug test.

"90% of our companies require that," Norman acknowledges. "Yes, it is very difficult to find people who will pass that, which is another time-consuming thing."

The economy and employment picture are cyclical. But for now, it's a job seekers' market, or as Norman says, people who want to work right now have a job.

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