"Tiny Homes" proposal to be discussed by Parkersburg City Council

Published: Mar. 11, 2019 at 5:45 PM EDT
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In recent years, the city of Parkersburg has cleared out a lot of homes that were no longer inhabitable.

Now, a local builder has a way of filling those vacant lots.

Matthew Dodrill will discuss Tuesday with city council's Public Works Committee a plan to build what are called "tiny houses" on those lots.

They're defined as a residential dwelling between 170 and 2.000 square feet, and a ceiling height of at least seven feet.

A benefit of the smaller homes is that they're easier to build and maintain.

"If you want to paint your house, I can do it in a single day," Dodrill says. "A tiny house is very economically efficient, versus a 3-story, 5-bedroom house, where it takes an entire weekend and an entire crew to get the job done correctly."

The homes would accommodate people owning their first home as well as retirees.

Dodrilll says it's an idea that has worked in other states.

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