Tips for winter car protection

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - Temperatures are starting to drop, and unfortunately that can affect your car battery.

There are more dead car batteries in the winter than any other season.

AAA East Central reports jump-starting more than 70,000 batteries and replacing almost 25,000 batteries last winter.

Superior Toyota offers some tips on how to be safe on the roads this winter.

"I suggest what we use year round, negative five degrees washer fluid and also wiper blades, you want to make sure those are up to snuff and clearing the window fine for those snowy, snowy days and also checking tire pressure is very important this time of year and tire tread depth," said Morton, service manager.

Morton also suggests keeping your keys away from the garage because the key communicates with the car and can drain your battery.

Superior Toyota-Hyundai offers courtesy battery checks.

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