Tips on how to prevent theft of packages this holiday season

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - Deputies warn to be cautious this holiday season, if you plan to receive or send Christmas gifts in the mail.

Wood County Sheriff Steve Stephens recommends you keep track of your packages with the tracking number you’re given. He says you can also require a signature for your delivery. Another recommendation is to let your neighbors who you trust know that you’re expecting something in the mail.

"Your neighbors and you need to get together and take care of each other not just for packages but if you see somebody strange, you know who belongs in your neighborhood you know if there’s a strange car in the neighborhood or an individual walking around that doesn’t belong there then call 911 and make a suspicious vehicle or person call and law enforcement will come out and check them and see what they are doing," Sheriff Stephens said.

Sheriff Stephens said his department has received a few calls of attempted theft incidents.

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