Tips on keeping your spirits up during the holiday season

PARKERSBURG, W. Va. The holiday season can be a joyous occasion for some but for others it may cause grief and sadness.

Experts say, it is important to find the balance between the happiness of others and your own sadness during a time of year that is supposed to be about love, giving, and happiness.

For those that may be alone or widowed the holidays may be a lot for people to bear.

"Maybe even if you're grieving memories you may take out an album, you remember sometimes that were joyous," said Dr. Priscilla Leavitt, psychologist, Counseling & Wellness Center. Don't think, 'oh and I don't have that anymore' skip that thought, if you can and remember I did have that and its part of me."

Dr. Leavitt also suggests doing something special for someone during the holidays.

She says creating new memories and making someone feel special in the process, can also make you feel good.

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