Tips to stay on budget during Black Friday shopping

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - Black Friday deals will get underway on Thanksgiving all over the country. Consumer Credit Counseling Services has a whole list of tips before you hit the stores.

They say to know how much you've saved and make a budget before you go. Then they suggest making a list of what you need to shop for, and prioritize it. Ignore sales you come across if it wasn't already on your list or in your budget.

They also suggest using a calculator so you know your total before you get to the register, and avoid last minute impulse buys.

“You want to go into your shopping probably using cash only. Cash is visible. If you have a budget that you're working from, take that out in cash and then as you're spending the cash you can visibly see how much you're spending.” Tresa Mackey suggests.

Interim Executive Director Shelene Shrewsbury says, “You want to refrain from emotional spending. I think around the holidays we all get wrapped up in the excitement and sometimes the hustle and bustle can overwhelm us.”

Consumer Credit Counseling Services also suggests finding ways to entertain your family for free. They suggest cooking or going to see holiday lights together, making memories without having to spend a lot of money.

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