Toddler dies after becoming trapped in family’s washing machine in Florida

ORLANDO, Fla. (WESH/CNN) – A toddler died after getting inside his family’s front-loading washing machine.

A toddler in Florida died after becoming trapped in a washing machine. (Source: WESH/CNN)

The incident happened Sunday at the family’s home, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Investigators said the boy was playing with his younger sibling in the laundry room when he climbed inside the washing machine.

“At some point in that process, the door closed,” said Cory Burkarth of the Orlando Police Department.

“Either he pulled it shut himself, maybe the sibling closed it. That’s something we’re still looking at. And so, what we’re also looking at right now is, when that door closed, did it create an airtight seal and therefore deprive the child of oxygen?”

Investigators do not believe the washing machine was ever operating with the boy inside. They say they’re still investigating how long he was trapped.

Authorities said at least one parent was home at the time, and that the tragedy was a terrible accident.

Jeff Jaskot, one of the owners of Aggressive Appliances in Orlando, said he doesn’t know of a front-loading washing machine that offers an option to lock the door when it’s not in operation.

But he pointed out that a parent can at least lock the control pad and prevent the machine from operating.

“What that does is, even if the machine is opened and a child, a pet, anything were to crawl inside, what that does is that prevents any of the other buttons from being able to be activated,” he said.

As for keeping a child from getting inside, police said the best advice may be restricting access to the washer.

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