Two face off for Williamstown Mayor in May 8th primary

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WILLIAMSTOWN, W.Va.-(WTAP) Jean Ford has been mayor of Williamstown for more than two decades, but she still has plans for the future.

That includes construction of a new Williamstown Elementary School, and a roundabout lane set to begin this summer near interstate 77.

"It will happen, and it will be wonderful," Ford said in a recent interview. "And we'll also be getting a middle school, so there will be lots of projects going on with the roundabout and two schools."

Ford and her opponent, former city council member and current firefighter Paul Jordan, actually agree on a lot of things.

Among them: the city's favorable finances, thanks to a 1% sales tax.

Jordan has some ideas for the use of that money.

"The city is sitting pretty well," he agreed, "and I look forward to some updates with the water and sewer in the future if we could spend some of those funds, if available."

Another thing they agree on: the need for an update of the city's emergency preparedness plan, something Ford says is necessary with a railroad running through the city's business district.

"If we have a chemical spill on that railroad," she said, "and there's a problem in getting people who live on the other side of the railroad out, we have to have a plan to do that."

"For us to think something couldn't happen here," Jordan said, "we don't want it to happen here, we would want to be prepared. And I think the fire department has helped me with that preparedness."

Voters will also elect members of the city council in the May 8th primary. The mayor serves for two years, council for four.