Two running in Democratic primary to be mayor of Parkersburg

Published: Jun. 6, 2020 at 11:56 PM EDT
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Two women with a history in local politics are running in the Democratic primary election to be mayor of Parkersburg.

Sherry Dugan has served on Parkersburg city council and has previously run for mayor.

She says one of the issues at the forefront of her mind is the opioid epidemic.

Her platform, which she calls F.I.R.E.D. U.P., generally calls for financial responsibility, taking care of infrastructure, economic development, tackling the drug issue and "uniting Parkersburg."

Dugan says she has seen addiction through her family and wants to reorganize rehabilitation in the area.

"If we do bring more rehab centers in, not only should they be looking at people who are serious about getting their lives straightened out, which I'm all for, but they also need an exit strategy so we aren't just putting them out on the street so our homeless problem continues to grow," said Dugan.

Dugan also wants to better recognize the "rank and file" employees of the city for their work.

In addition, she says she wants to make Parkersburg an inviting place for businesses.

The other Democratic candidate is Nancy Wilcox, another former city council member.

She says she wants to see the city become a cleaner place. She wants to look into legislation that would slow or stop the dilapidation of houses in the city.

One of Wilcox's main goals would be to increase transparency and fiscal responsibility in Parkersburg's municipal government.

"We got the OK from the state to put the sidewalks in, and we got the grant to put the sidewalks in on Rayon Drive. It's been four years and I've not seen a thing done about it and when you mention it, 'well the money's gone,' well, where'd the money go?" said Wilcox.

Additionally, Wilcox says she wants to reduce drug crime in the city before it overwhelms the police.

She says she doesn't have an exact answer to solve the drug issue, but to her it's something "we all need to work together and pull the city together to help it."

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