Unusually large litter of baby goats born in Morgan County

Published: Dec. 10, 2019 at 4:10 PM EST
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One Morgan County goat named Cannon recently gave birth to an unusually large litter of five kids. The chances of having a litter that size are one in ten thousand.

Cannon can’t produce quite enough milk for four does (females) and a male, so Farmer Krista Long has to supplement their feeding.

Long was surprised when Cannon kept giving birth. She expected around three kids to be born.

“I honestly couldn’t believe it. She didn’t in anyway look like she was going to have five. I thought maybe three, had an inclination of three,” said Long. “When the fourth one come out, I thought, oh okay there’s four. But, five, I was shocked. Couldn’t believe it.”

Long says her does can get up to 200 pounds once they’re mature. Luckily, Long says they have plenty of space for the kids on her farm.