Upcoming movie praised by C8 activist

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va.-(WTAP) A movie telling the story of the two-decades-old concern over the chemical C8 is about to be released nationwide.

"Dark Waters" features attorney Robert Billott, who first filed suit against DuPont over the effects of the chemical it used to make non-stick surfaces until just a few years ago.

Lubeck resident Joe Kiger, one of those who were part of a class action suit against the company says the film is a "must-see".

"If they watch the movie 'Dark Waters', it's going to bring out a lot and show them exactly what goes on behind closed doors," Kiger told us this week. "You'll see it in 'The Devil We Know", you'll see how these corporate entities all work."

Kiger appeared in the Netflix documentary "The Devil We Know", about the C8 controversy.

"Dark Waters" opens in theaters nationwide November 22nd.