Update: Barber trial delayed

Published: May. 23, 2016 at 1:26 PM EDT
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The trial for a man accused of negligent homicide is delayed for the third time.

Back in June 2015, Houston Barber was charged with losing control while driving a water truck on Route 50, causing a chain reaction that killed a West Virginia Division of Highways employee.

During Monday's hearing, the defense said it needs more time to examine the state's accident reconstruction findings, which is a big part of the state's argument.

"To adequately defend Mr. Barber at trial, one: We need to investigate that test. Is it legit science or is it as they say "junk science?" It's something we need to investigate," said Sam Madia, a lawyer a part of Barber's legal team.

Both the state and the defense say testing needs to be done on the water truck's black box to rule out any doubt about the cause of the accident. The testing costs about $2,000 and the lawyers talked about getting the insurance companies involved to help pay for it.

Ultimately, the judge decided to delay the trial. Another status hearing is set for the end of June.