UPDATE: 3 Marietta residents indicted in connection with break-in at Lowell American Legion post

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LOWELL, Ohio (WTAP) - UPDATE: 10/3/19 6:45 P.M.

Three suspects in August's break-in and vandalism at Lowell American Legion Post 750 were among 18 people indicted Wednesday by a Washington County grand jury.

Marietta residents Hunter Henthorn, Devin Lindsey and James Herron all face charges of receiving stolen property. Henthorn was also indicted on a charge of tampering with evidence.

They are accused of receiving several thousand dollars that was taken during the break-in.

UPDATE: 09/19/2019

The American Legion Post 750 in Lowell accepted numerous donations on Thursday from local organizations in hopes to rebuild after the robberies and vandalism in August.

Exactly one month ago from Thursday, vandals broke in and damaged property, along with stealing several firearms and around $1,000.

Among those that donated were the Beverly Lions Club, the Beverly Eagles Club, and the Beverly Legion post.

Some items that were donated include a signed football helmet from Fort Frye High School, and a homemade quilt.

The donations come ahead of the post officially re-opening for their annual Steak Fry dinner on Saturday beginning at 5 p.m.

UPDATE: 08/27/19

American Legion Post 750 has been in Lowell for over 70 years and has over 200 members.

The history in this building is indescribable but the recent destruction is devastating.

Robert McIntyre is a six time commander of the Legion and is currently the trustee.

"We're just concerned with the disrespect that was own here by these two lads that broke in here and destroyed our place," said McIntyre.

Post 750 is seen as a staple in the Lowell community and is very involved with the youth.

As far as punishment, McIntyre says the suspects aren't going to learn anything in jail.

"Get them out there and put a broom and shovel in their hands and have them do a little work around town and let people know. 'hey they're sorry'," said McIntyre.

Although, the Legion has received many calls from the community to help them repair, its still waiting on approval from the insurance company before going ahead with repairs.

Damian Huck is a veteran and the current commander of the Legion. He took on the role this year.

"The initial clean-up is done and we've had to throw a lot of things out. We had to throw three tv sets out, we just had a guy come back out that rebuilt our trophies, one of our members," said Huck.

The Lowell community has stood behind Post 750.

Brenda Eddy has been the canteen manager of the legion since 2014 and she found the destruction. Brenda penned a letter to describe how she felt.

"This situation has been both devastating and heartbreaking for the members of Post 750. We are so very thankful to the deputies at Washington County for their speediness in tracking down the perpetrators. Now we must focus on the cleaning and restoration of our post and move forward with a positive united moral," said Eddy.

Post 750 hopes to be back open for its steak fry on September 21st and says that is the best way the community can support.

UPDATE: 08/22/19

Several people are facing charges in connection with Monday's break-in and theft at American Legion Post 750 in Lowell, authorities said Thursday afternoon.

According to the Washington County Sheriff's Officer, three men are in custody and will face charges in connection with the break-in.

They include: Hunter Henthorn of Marietta, a former officer at the St. Marys Correctional Center, who faces receiving-stolen-property and tampering-with-evidence charges; and James Herron and Devin Lindsey.

At a news conference Thursday afternoon, deputies said they also plan to charge two juveniles. Deputies also said another adult suspect might be charged in connection with their investigation.

Deputies said the juveniles allegedly broke into the building and vandalized it before contacting the adults to arrange to help hide the money they had taken.

Deputies recovered several firearms and more than $1,000 during their investigation.

Additional charges could include safecracking, breaking and entering, receiving stolen property and tampering with evidence, deputies said.

American Legion officials were forced to close the building indefinitely because of damage caused during the break-in.


An American Legion hall in Washington County was closed indefinitely on Monday after it was broken into and vandalized, authorities said.

Someone broke into the Lowell American Legion Post 750 building at 226 Main St., between 12:30 a.m. and noon, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

The suspect or suspects then broke into a safe and stole an undisclosed amount of money, deputies said. They also threw fresh eggs against the walls, broke several tables, smashed computer equipment and destroyed all of the hall’s flat-screen televisions and baseball memorabilia.

In addition, they clogged bathroom sinks with toilet paper and then turned on the water, causing extensive damages to all three floors of the building, deputies said.

Anyone with information should contact sheriff’s detective Scott Smeeks at 740-376-7070 extension 4174 or you can leave an anonymous tip at https://washingtoncountysheriff.org/home/