Via Air may offer jet service at Mid-Ohio Valley Airport

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va.-(WTAP) Area travelers may soon be able to fly on jet airplanes from the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport.

Bids for airport service for the next two years will come in a few months from now.

And Airport Manager Glen Kelly told the Wood County Commission Monday that current carrier Via Air hopes to bid on jet service, as well as turbo-prop service that's been common at the airport for several years through various carriers.

Kelly hopes to increase the airport's marketing, especially if jet service comes in.

"I'm very happy with the turbo-prop, whether it's in a helicopter or a King Air," Kelly said. "But the vast majority of the public thinks jets are safer. And if that makes them happier, and it's a nicer ride, great."

Kelly said more people were flying from the local airport the past few months, even during January and February, usually the slowest months of the year.

He adds, after months of problems with cancelled flights-mainly due to mechanical problems on Via's airplanes, reliability was as high as 98% recently.

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