Vienna Council reviews employee health insurance

VIENNA, WV (WTAP)--- Vienna City Council continues its discussion on how employee health insurance plans are chosen.

In a spirited Thursday night meeting, Vienna Council continues to try to understand how various insurance plans have been reviewed and selected for the city budget in the past.

Six citizens spoke in public forum-- some asking for greater transparency in the process.

A representative of the Schwendeman agency fielded questions from council members and offered an analysis of the current coverage.

Mayor Randy Rapp predicted additional information and fixtures would be coming within a week or so.

He also promised that members of council will be able to see all insurance quotes submitted to the city.
In other news, the mayor reports that Eramet is reviewing bids for the construction of sound baffles to muffle noise pollution this summer

Mayor Rapp suggested it might be 15 weeks for construction of the baffles surrounding new blowers.

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