Visually-impaired student to march in bowl game halftime show

Published: Dec. 27, 2019 at 4:42 PM EST
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The Ohio State School for the Blind Marching Band, is the only marching band that all of its members are visually impaired.

Gabe Stull, 17, was a student at Belpre High School through his sophomore year, but is now attending the Ohio State School for the Blind.

Gabe's passion for music drew him to want to be a part of the marching band at his new school.

Gabe and the rest of the band are heading to Tampa, Fla. this weekend to perform in the halftime show for the "Outback Bowl." The band will also be performing in a competition at Jefferson High School in Tampa, and will also take part in a New Year's Eve parade.

The relationships Gabe has built along the way are really important to him, and they make him strive to be a better person, and a better musician.

"People I never, never, ever would have gotten along with before. It's made it easier to get along with them, because we're all doing the same thing," Gabe said.

Jason Haught is Gabe's mentor who has known him for 11 years. He has seen so much growth in terms of Gabe's personality, and could not ask for a better student to be a mentor to.

"He's the reason that I do what I do," said Haught. "The reason that I work in this field. I always wanted to see students overcome any type of hindrance."

The Outback Bowl will be broadcast from Tampa, Fla. on New Year's Day at 1 p.m. and will be on ESPN.