152nd celebration of Memorial Day at National Cemetery held in Grafton

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GRAFTON, W.Va. (WDTV) - The West Virginia National Cemetery in Grafton held its 152nd celebration of Memorial Day.

It was an emotional afternoon as plenty of people came out to listen to speeches and music honoring our veterans.

Second Lieutenant Trenton Pauley talks about why he thinks it's important to share the holiday with our youth...

“It's a good place to bring children. I remember bringing my granddaughter up here. I showed her my father’s grave and she said ' that was my great grandfather' I said yes she asked 'was he the one who was paralyzed?' I said yes. Then she looked at the tombstone, it had dust on it. She went over and just wiped the dust off.”

Grafton will continue to celebrate the holiday weekend with a parade Monday morning starting at 10:00A.M.

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