W.P. Snyder Jr. turns 100

MARIETTA OH, (WTAP)- The W.P. Snyder Jr., built in 1918 on the banks of the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh, was built for moving barges of coal for the various steel mills.

Crucible Steel Company was the last company to use the boat for coal transportation and they did so until the mid 1950’s where it was replaced by a more economic boat.

“The W.P. Snyder is important not only to the local community but to the nation itself because it is the last surviving boat of its particular type. But from a more local level, it gives people an up close glance at history without having to travel and it does bring visitors and tourists into the community,” says William Reynolds, the host for the event celebration.

Visitors were invited to tour the boat after the rechristening ceremony that was held just before noon.

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