WTAP Band of the Week - Frontier High School Marching Band

New Matamoras OH, (WTAP)- Even Clayton Kershaw needed to learn how to throw a curve ball and Jimmy Hendrix needed to learn guitar.

There’s something special about beginnings; the idea of limitless potential.

For the first time in nearly two decades, Frontier High School is building a marching band.

While not on the field yet, they hope that in the not too distant future they will be performing.

Merriam Webster defines legacy as “something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor”. The Frontier band students, only having played instruments for a few months, are looking to build a legacy to pass on. But first comes scale practice, posture checks, and slide positions.

“It was at first an instrumental music class and so without having a lot of keyboards or having any guitars or anything like that, I said well why don’t we start band. The district has always wanted a pep band for football games and so on and so forth, so I said “well, I think I can do it,” said Kayla Burke, choir and band director at Frontier High School.

Practicing scales and beginning music each day lays the foundation for music education and long lasting friendships.

“It’s easier to figure out what we’re supposed to play. When we’re split up we can play it easily because we can hear each other and see if we’re messing up and if we’re messing up we fix each other,” explains Rylee Burtnett, an 8th grade trombone player.

“The more I’m in band, the more I realize for people that I’ve never spoken to before, the more I get along with them and the more that we have fun together learning new things,” notes Alisyn Felton, 8th grade saxophone player.

While the ultimate goal is to compete on the field, igniting a passion for music is a good start.

“I hope that they learn to appreciate music. So right now they come in, they have an instrument, we’re learning to read notes, we’re learning rhythm, but mostly I want them to appreciate what we’re doing here. Having a pep band adds a whole other level to sporting events. And there’s an element of just being in band and having that community and it’s a community that meant a lot to me, and so I’m hoping that I can inspire it to mean a lot to them too,” explains Burke.

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