WTAP Band of the Week - Marietta High School

MARIETTA OH, (WTAP)- The Marietta Marching Band is all focused on the story.

With a halftime show that uses classic music to put a dark twist on a European fairy tale, the Tiger band takes the crowd on a walk through the woods.

Wooden trees, woven baskets, and a whole lot of practice.

“Our halftime show this year is Red Riding Hood. We kind of wanted to take a darker twist on it so we used Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonata’, kind of a darker side of music to tell the story but it’s been pretty cool. We kind of had the concept before we had the music, and then one of the designers on the team had the idea for ‘Moonlight Sonata’ and from there it kind of evolved into what we have,” says Chris Bunner, the director of the Marietta band.

Despite the classic song being penned in 1801, it’s a favorite among band members.

“It’s based off of ‘Moonlight Sonata’ primarily and I get to play the opening section, the triplets that everyone thinks of at the beginning of “Moonlight Sonata”,” says senior percussionist Jodan Weber.

“I like a lot of the music. I think it’s very impactful and just fun to play,” says Ethan Wilson, a sophomore baritone player in the band.

“When we’re performing, just the energy and how excited the crowd gets and when the drum majors give us that energy and we give that energy back to the crowd. Just how excited everyone is, it’s really cool,” says Jessica Cline, an 11th grade alto sax player.

And the group, made up of 65 members, puts on an impactful show.

“They’re just really fun to be around and they’re fun to rehearse with. I don’t know- it’s a peppy group of kids. They’re interesting, but I love being around them,” says Bunner.

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