WTAP Band of the Week - Parkersburg Catholic High School Band

PARKERSBURG W.Va (WTAP)- Nelson Mandela famously said that “The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow,” but what if today’s youth are also today’s leaders?

The Parkersburg Catholic Crusader band’s halftime show was created by student leaders with an appreciation for music from the past.

Research, collaboration, and leadership are nurtured through the Parkersburg Catholic Crusader band’s discotheque halftime show.

“This year, we’re going a tribute to disco. We open up with “Funkytown”, and then we do “September”, “Stayin’ Alive”, and then we end with “Dancing Queen…Normally I would choose the theme of the show but last year I had the students do a final project where they had to do a 5-7 minute presentation on a show theme and they had to research the instrumentation, the cost of the music, level of difficulty…That’s something I’ll continue from here on out and it’s given the students an opportunity to contribute their ideas and go with that show.” says Jeff Treadway, band director at Parkersburg Catholic High School.

One junior’s interest in a unique music style helped inspire this year’s show.

“I’m a big disco fan. I like songs that are from the past I’m a big fan of songs that are like that from the disco period,” says Ben Vierheller, the student whose project last year was selected for this season’s half time show.

“It seems like disco is a genre of music that everybody can be excited by and relate to a bit,” explains Andrew Shaw, snare drum player in the band.

“My favorite part about the halftime show this year is that it really gets the crowd involved and it keeps everybody on their feet and moving…I especially enjoy that it pumps up the football players. They’ll tell us afterwards that they really appreciate all that we do and that it keeps them moving,” says Aidan Roberts, percussionist.

The Crusaders band will be marching for the final time this season on Friday in their game against Notre Dame High School.

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