CA House Music WTAP 'Band of the Week' - Parkersburg South High School

PARKERSBURG W.Va, (WTAP)- The Parkersburg South Marching Band ties gestures, expression, and movement to music for their halftime show.

“This year’s production is titled Mime. So we’ve tried to create an environment on the field that gives you the impression that you are encountering a mime. And we’re just trying to make a very interesting, exciting production for the audience and also something that the students are really engaged in as well,” says Band Director Eric Staats.

“In our third movement that we play there’s a part where we set down our instruments and do a bunch of visuals where we’re acting like we’re mimes and to me that’s- it’s pretty fun to do,” explains 11th grade sousaphone player Chris Hanna.

And the band knows they are representing an identity larger than themselves.

“We’re all about school and community spirit. A big part of what we do is supporting the students here at South, projecting an image of excellence,” notes Staats.

“We always go to the football games. We’re always at pep rallies just trying to cheer on sports as well as having fun and having pride with the school,” says Miah Gathman, a 12th grade features twirler.

“We’re proud of this school, we’re proud of the product that we produce,” says Staats.

“It also makes us proud of our school because we look at all the things we can do. It shows that when we work together as a school, as a band, pretty much anything can be accomplished,” says Caleb Brown, 12th grade baritone player.

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