WTAP Band of the Week - Warren High School Warrior Band

VINCENT OH, (WTAP)- Performance is a unifying form of expression that transcends race, class, and language. It expresses passion and creativity, and has even been said to release endorphins.

This week’s band puts the performance as top priority and measures their success against themselves.

The Warren High School Marching Band is showcasing a unique and award winning show this season.

“Our halftime show is called ‘Whispered Prayers’. It consists of four songs. There is a brass intro where it’s like a hymnal- type style, and then there’s some faster paced songs at the end…but it has hymns in it and it sounds like Cathedral style songs, it’s cool…My favorite part of the halftime show is the drum break because they’re all just going their hardest, you know they’re putting their best on the field. The tempos are always so good, which is a drum major’s concern, but I know they’re doing their best all they can and it sounds really cool, all the basses and the tenors together,” notes Eleanora Baker, the senior drum major.

And for the Warriors, it’s all about the performance.

“Being captain this year, I look at the performances and I see the guard’s performance as a reflection of me and I like being able to watch the show on the field and see a part of myself on there,” says Samantha Banziger, the senior color guard captain.

“When you just finish your performance, you get this adrenaline rush. It’s really hard to describe but it makes you forget about everything that you just did, everything that’s going on,” expresses Logan O’Donnell, senior clarinet player.

“I think one of the things that I have tries to instill in the Marching Warriors here is the idea of competing against ourselves. I think the education should be the first and foremost thing and sometimes as we teach teenagers and do something that’s competitive, we start gearing them toward being better than someone else or another school. My goal at Warren has always been to improve week after week, year after year, and stay focused on ourselves rather than focused on what a neighboring band or a band from another part of the state or country is doing,” explains Courtney Clark, the school’s band director.

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