WTAP Band of the Week - Waterford High School

WATERFORD OH, (WTAP)- In sports, the saying goes practice makes perfect. It’s what helps the quarterback make split second decisions in the most pivotal moment.

The Waterford Wildcat Band is made up of 7th through 12th grade students. Standing at 28 members total and, like many of their football playing classmates, they believe that practice is the most important element to their success.

They combine the familiar with the unique for their halftime show.

“Our contest show itself is entitled Blaze. We’re doing four different pieces. The first and fourth pieces are concert band pieces. The first one is called “Fire Dance Ritual” and then we move into some pop tunes, “We Didn’t Start the Fire” and “Set Fire to the Rain”, and then the fourth song we do is where we got the name “Blaze”,” says Chase Myers, the Band Director of the Wildcat Band.

“I love how the opening song is something that no one ever really hears same with the closer. They’re all really just fun, cool songs to hear and play,” says Katelyn Huck, the band’s field commander.

The band performs a variation of their concert show at each football game with different crowd favorite songs in between.

“This year we’ve played “Light Em Up”, we’ve played “Barbara Ann”, “Land of a Thousand Dances”, “Hang on Sloopy”. Songs that the crowd will recognize and things that they like to hear on Friday nights,” explains Myers.

The band holds two outdoor practices each week to perfect formations and marching technique. An additional indoor practice is held weekly to focus on the music. Competing in 5 competitions every year, the band sees good old fashioned practice as the best way to prepare.

“It’s extremely important to our success. We don’t show up mentally prepared to our practices then what we do at halftime at our football games or how we perform at our competitions, it just varies depending on how we perform at our practices,” says Huck.

“It’s more important than the competitions or the football games. It’s where you learn everything and make everything better and then the competition sand football games are just what happens after,” says Ben Trader, the band’s 10th grade baritone player.

“There’s a lot of things that I think are special about my group but something that I think really pushes them ahead is their dedication to the program. I think that every group sort of goes through the same stuff but that was something that I realize when I got here. The kids live to practice,” says Myers.

The Wildcat band will be performing Friday at halftime of their home game against Southern.