UPDATE: Work completed on WTAP, WOVA, WIYE tower


Work on the WTAP, WOVA and WIYE tower that has temporarily interrupted our over-the-air signal in recent weeks has been completed, and viewers should no longer experience interruptions.

This project involves moving our frequencies as part of an FCC-mandated project that has a March 13, 2020, deadline for completion.

The work is continuing, but we do not anticipate additional interruptions of service before the final move from Channel 49 to Channel 35. We will publicize the change before it takes place, so viewers will be able to re-scan their televisions to get the new signal.

The goal is to provide our viewers with a more reliable signal for years to come.

Similar work has already been done or will be taking place at stations across the country.

Suddenlink and CAS cable systems were not affected by the work because they use a fiber signal taken directly from our studios.

We appreciate your patience during the important project.


Viewers of WTAP, WOVA and WIYE may continue to experience interruptions as work continues on our towers.

This affects those who receive our signals over the air and some outlying cable systems that use our over-the-air signal.

Suddenlink and CAS cable systems are not affected because they take our signal via fiber from the studios.

This project involves moving our frequencies for an FCC-mandated repacking project. Because stations across the country are having to do this, tower crews are scarce and we must adhere to a tight schedule that was created last year.