WVU Medicine Camden Clark hosts Health & Wellness Day

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VIENNA, W.Va. (WTAP) - WVU Medicine Camden Clark held its annual "Health and Wellness Day" Saturday to increase the awareness to the Mid-Ohio Valley about the importance of leading healthy lives.

The event was held at the Grand Central Mall in Vienna, W.Va.. There were over 75 representatives from hospital services and departments as well as outside exhibitors were there to inform the public for free.

Adults and children were able to learn about their health while having fun.

Health and Wellness Day included numerous free health screenings such as EKG's, blood pressure readings, and bone density scans.

"It doesn't matter whether you have insurance or not or whether you're on medi-care or not. It's a real bargain and its part of WVU Medicine's way of giving back," said Dr. Robert Herceg, Pathologist and Medical Director at WVU Medicine Camden Clark.

WVU Medicine Camden Clark was happy to give these screenings at a lower rate and encourage the importance of medical testing.

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