WVU Parkersburg hosts Outspoken screening

PARKERSBURG, W. Va. (WTAP) - WVU Parkersburg hosts the premiere of Outspoken, a short documentary about the LGBT community in Parkersburg.

Director, Emily Harger began doing research on the non-discrimination ordinances two years ago and found out that Parkersburg voted down the non-discrimination ordinance in a 6-3 vote. She then decided that she wanted to talk to people of the LGBT community in Parkersburg and see what they were doing about it.

The film shows the journey of the LGBT and allies in the community.

"I think this is an amazing moment, not only is it a gathering for LGBT people and allies that are from this community for us to celebrate LGBTQ life here. It is also a way to spread education and awareness of what LGBT people need in Appalachian and West Virginia," said Harger.

Since the vote, Parkersburg Pride and Out Mov has formed.

Parkersburg Pride, Out MOV, ACLU of West Virginia, and Planned Parenthood South Atlantic are sponsors of the film screening and are providing members of the LGBT community with resources.

"We're here, we are out; some of us are not but we are here...we're your friends, we're your neighbors, we're your family members, we live right alongside you. We're here in your community and we're apart of your community and the most important thing you can do is be supportive when people come out to you," said Peters of Out MOV.

Harger is hoping this film will be used as a tool for LGBT people in small towns to find outlets and resources in their communities.

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