WVU passes ban on vaping with e-cigarettes

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On Friday, the West Virginia University Board of Governors unanimously passed a ban on vaping with e-cigarettes, effective August 1, 2019, on all WVU campuses.

WVU officials say the policy will benefit the health of everyone on campus, and promote a healthier lifestyle to students, faculty and the public.

Experts say they don't exactly know the long-term effects of harm caused by vaping, but studies show vapes do have several of the same risks to cardiovascular disease as do cigarettes.

Dr. Mark Olfert, an Associate Professor in Exercise Physiology at West Virginia University, says "Any number of heart or vascular events, that we know a smoker has a greater risk for, is likely to be true for the person who's vaping as well."

Olfert says just vaping once, or for a week, won't give you a disease, but when people have other risk factors involved, such as obesity or alcohol consumption, vaping could become dangerous.

Experts also say even vapes that don't have nicotine are just as unhealthy as cigarettes.

Recently, the proposed e-cigarette ban was open for a public input and received over 100 comments during that time.

Some concerns included how they would enforce the policy.