WVUP Ecohawks celebrate and educate on Earth Day

Published: Apr. 22, 2019 at 1:28 PM EDT
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Earth Day is a celebration of the modern environmental movement first recognized 49 years ago. West Virginia University at Parkersburg used the day to help teach younger generations.

Nearly ten different groups came together earlier today with a mission to inform the public about saving the planet.

The groups had resources and information available to the public that focused on small things we can do to decrease our carbon footprint as well as activities for children to teach them about resource conservation.

“Unfortunately, we’re leaving an earth to them that’s not in great shape, so we want to have better stewards of the earth…and a lot of people are like ‘I’m just an individual, what can I do?’. If every little individual does something, it adds up,” explains Valerie Keinath, the event coordinator.

The event was hosted by the WVUP Ecohawks, a student group that works to ring awareness about environmental issues to the community.