Update:Teachers may organize own local public education forums

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PARKERSBURG, CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) - Update: 3/13/2019

With none scheduled by the West Virginia Board of Education, local teachers are organizing a forum of their own on education.

Wood County is not on a list of locations for upcoming public forums, ahead of a planned special legislative session on education.

Another list was released Wednesday-but still, no area sites have been announced.

Bruce Boston, President of the Wood County Education Association, says however, if there is not a local forum, teachers may put together one themselves.

Boston says if one is held, local lawmakers will be invited as well as the public.

In calling the special session, legislators were urged to meet with the public to get its thoughts on changes in the state's education system.

The first of seven forums will be held March 18 at Cabell Midland High School.

The Department of Education says in a news release other forums will be held at the following high schools: March 19 at Mount View, March 20 at Capital, March 21 at Woodrow Wilson, April 1 at Robert C. Byrd, April 2 at Wheeling Park, and April 3 at Berkeley Springs.

Update: 3/11/2019

With a special legislative session expected later in the spring, the West Virginia Board of Education is already seeking comments on education reforms.

Wood County Schools Superintendent Will Hosaflook says he's talking to state lawmakers, who are working on a comprehensive education bill to be discussed during the special session.

"I think that what'll happen in Wood County, at least for the time being, is for me to reach out to senators and the legislators to reach out and discuss my ends with me and I can pull more people into the conversation," Hosaflook said.

While a series of public forums has been scheduled across the state, none so far are to be held in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Superintendent Hosaflook hopes a local forum can eventually be scheduled.


The state Department of Education will hold seven public forums as part of preparations for the upcoming special legislative session.

The department says in a news release the first forum will be held March 18 at Cabell Midland High School.

Gov. Jim Justice called the special session to address teacher pay raises and other education issues. He's asked legislators to meet with teachers, parents and other stakeholders before returning.

Other forums will be held at the following high schools: Capital, Woodrow Wilson, Robert C. Byrd, Wheeling Park, Berkeley Springs, and Mount View. Times and dates for those meetings will be announced later.

The statement says the Department of Education also will offer separate online surveys for parents and community members, students and educators on its website later this week.