W.Va. Legislature passes bills on motorcycles, deer antlers, house arrest

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. - West Virginia lawmakers today passed legislation on motorcycle registration, deer antler trade, and house arrest violators.

The Senate has passed legislation to make annual motorcycle registration fees due based on the month they were initially registered instead of February.

Senators have also approved a bill to permit the trade and barter of naturally shed deer antlers. Sponsors say people already do it and the bill will make it legal.

The House voted to authorize the arrest without a warrant of people who violate the terms of court-ordered home incarceration.

Gov. Jim Justice chided lawmakers this week for focusing on deer antlers when their leaders have yet to present their budget proposal.

With the Legislature halfway through its two-month annual session, the Senate plans to start meeting on Saturdays.

The last day for introducing new House bills is Tuesday, and almost a week later in the Senate.

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