UPDATE: Warren Local School District set to break ground on building, renovation project

VINCENT, Ohio (WTAP) - UPDATE: 04/11/19

The Warren Local School District is gearing up to break ground on its $62 million project to revamp the system.

The district is having a groundbreaking for its “Building and Renovation Project” on Monday, April 22nd at 4:30 p.m.

The project involves renovations and additions to Warren Middle School and new buildings for the district’s high school and elementary school.
Construction is already underway for the elementary school while construction is expected to start for the high school later in the spring. The work at the middle school could start as early as the fall.

The district’s superintendent says the project will benefit not only just the students.

“We’re going to change this whole campus into a community center where people can come and use our facilities before and after school,” said Kyle Newton, superintendent of the Warren Local School District.

“If you come here on a Tuesday night at 4:30 there’s as many cars in the parking lot now as when it’s school’s going on so when the buildings are redone and our facilities are redone we expect the same.”

The groundbreaking, which is open to the public, will take place outside of Warren Middle School, located at 70 Warrior Drive in Vincent.


The Warren Local Schools District is one step closer towards creating "a space that becomes the community hub."

The district released new renderings for the Warren Building and Renovation Project. It consists of the construction of a new high school building and elementary school building. Additions and renovations are also planned at Warren Middle School.

The district has a community meeting each month, where people can put their input on the design of the new buildings. Therefore the renderings are likely to change. But Kyle Newton, Warren Local Schools superintendent, said that's a part of the process. He wanted people to have a say in what the new spaces would look like.

"When we're done, we're going to create a space that everybody can use at different times," Newton said.

"Our schools are truly where people come to do different things from walk their dog to come watch their friend play ball, that's what happens in our facilities. My goal is not only to create the best educational space for our students during the day but to create a community hub that's used 24 hours a day."

It's a nearly $62 million project. The design is expected to be finalized sometime this year. Construction for the new elementary school could start in January 2019 and the new high school in February 2019. The middle school renovations and additions are expected to start in the summer of 2019.

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